A downloadable game for Windows

Less of a game,

More of a sympathy test.

Left click - interact/talk/drag furniture/open boxes etc

Esc - Quit

You must look around people's homes, talk to the them and decide if they should/can pay the debts they have. 

A "game" by

Ryan @autumnpioneer - Programming

Jasmin @lowpolycurls - 3D Art

Zoe @zoemcneany - 3D Art

Poppy @paperpoppy - 2D Art

Josh @broduxofficial - Audio

Savi @savisavichan - 2D Art


Debt_Detective_V2_Win_32.zip 98 MB


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I took some time to play this game because I liked that you guys put the player in an empathetic role! I really enjoyed the art style, especially how the text was done. Outline shader and flat colors worked really well! Awesome work :) 


Hey, I tried your game. It looks fine for a demo and I hope to be able to play the full version when it's out.


Hi! Thanks for the reply :)

Actually the game was made in just over 48 hours, as part of a jam. So this is the "full version" haha.

Thanks for playing !